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After creating my proofreading services website as a complete tech novice four years ago, I've been meaning to come back and update it. I'm pleased to say that I've almost been too busy to make the changes. Work has been wonderfully hectic over the last few months, but I decided that I MUST find the time to make a couple of changes.

Change 1 - New head shot photo (I'd just had my hair done!) :)

Change 2 - Rates updated, in particular for students, who are offered discounted rates. I know what it's like to be on a budget.

Change 3 - Updated testimonials. The kind words of some of my wonderful clients, who keep coming back, I'm pleased to say!

Change 4 - This blog. It will get more interesting, I promise!

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Sep 24, 2021

Hello Paula. I like the new look of your website. Only yesterday I searched on Google the difference between a blog and a website. You’ve given me a working example of that difference. Thanks. Joanna

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